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The Axcess Group welcomes IHANGTVS.COM

The Axcess Group is shooting the new #WBRC commercial for on their green screen today. Ferlando and Shelby Parker, owners of are working on set with the team. 

Another Record-Breaking Week

Otis Conner and John Druien are both back in Dallas (for the day) after two record breaking Seminars. Where do you think we will land next? Stayed tuned to find out…

Seminar Week Kicks Off

A huge Seminar week kicks off today with both sales teams on the road. Otis Conner’s team is working in Birmingham, AL with #WBRC Fox 6. John Druien’s team is in Lansing, MI working with #WILX News 10. 

Otis Conner Welcomes Trust Dale to Dallas

Otis Conner and The Axcess Group is excited to have Dale Cardwell from #TrustDALE in Dallas working with our stations from Birmingham and Montgomery. 

WBRC Training Today

John Druien is leading the charge in Birmingham, AL with our team at #WBRC Fox6 starting our Seminar Season. Excited to be training the team. Had a great dinner last night with Lou, Dave, Theresa and Jason.

The Axcess Group Welcomes Durante Windows to Dallas

Otis Conner and The Axcess Group welcome Jason Durante and Daniel Gallegy from Durante Windows in Birmingham, AL to the studios. Our full team of musicians are on hand to write and sing brand new music for the clients. We are excited to be working with friends from our partner #WBRC in Birmingham!

The Axcess Group Works with Birmingham Fox Station

Otis Conner and the Axcess Group are excited to be in Birmingham, Alabama working with #WBRC Fox 6 and our Raycom family. We have a full week of clients that are ready to grow their business through music branded advertising and award winning video production. Get ready to see the next level of advertising hit Birmingham!

Hello Birmingham!

The Axcess Group training team, with John Druien, landed in Birmingham, Alabama last evening and enjoyed dinner with all the managers from #WBRC Fox 6. Today we are up early to train our sales team in preparation for our seminar coming up in August. We are excited to start our Seminar Season and are ready to change the life for advertisers that are ready to award winning music branded campaigns and video production.

WBRC - Birmingham, Alabama at The Axcess Group

Exciting Thursday here at The Axcess Group as we welcome our long time friends Dave Duncan and David Crouch to the offices. Dave and David are top management from the Fox affiliate, WBRC in Birmingham, AL and are very successful with the Axcess seminars. Otis Conner and John Druien will be entertaining them at the office. Elsewhere in the city, Karen Conner will be directing shoots for Bruno’s Pizza from South Bend and Bob Richard’s Jewelry from Memphis, TN.