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Another Record-Breaking Week

Otis Conner and John Druien are both back in Dallas (for the day) after two record breaking Seminars. Where do you think we will land next? Stayed tuned to find out…

Seminar Week Kicks Off

A huge Seminar week kicks off today with both sales teams on the road. Otis Conner’s team is working in Birmingham, AL with #WBRC Fox 6. John Druien’s team is in Lansing, MI working with #WILX News 10. 

Seminar Season starts in Lansing, MI

Great start to Seminar Season in Lansing with our training here with our friends at #WILTX. Great team, great location!

Lansing Bound

Otis Conner, John Druien and Max Townsley, of The Axcess Group are headed to #WILX in Lansing for a weeklong seminar - GOOD things to happen!

WILX Training Day!

The Axcess Group is ready to begin training with the great team here in Lansing, Michigan at #WILX Channel 10. This is the group’s 11th year working with Axcess, and bringing amazing video production and music branding campaigns to the local advertisers. The Seminar is coming up in late September - don’t miss your opportunity to be part of the success!

The Axcess Group is off to Lansing

John Druien, Axcess Group COO, is headed to Lancing, Michigan today to prepare for tomorrow’s training with WILX TV. Otis Conner and Jett Blak are in Dallas working on some great new technology to continue to expedite the internal processes of video production.