The Otis Conner Blog
WXIA Shoot Gets HUGE

Otis Conner himself heads to Atlanta for a great shoot tomorrow. Yes, both Karen Conner and Otis Conner will be in town, with our amazing road shoot team. Then it’s back to Dallas, for a great Atlanta client that’s coming to town. 

WCSC - Charleston, SC Seminar Starts

Otis Conner, along with Karen Conner and Billy Alessi, have made it to start the Seminar with our friends at #WCSC TV in Charleston. Rita Scott, John Cochrane and Michael Fanning have been feverishly working to get a great set of appointments for clients that are ready to take their advertising to the next step!

Filming in Columbia, SC with Axcess

Both Karen and Otis Conner have headed to Columbia, SC to help in a shoot with a huge new client “Image Care” that will be a new advertiser on WIS-TV. There will be a full day of shooting in market!

Merry Christmas from The Axcess Group

Warmest Holiday Greetings from all your friends at The Axcess Group. 

The Axcess Group Hits Central New York

Otis Conner and the Axcess Group team is ready for a successful seminar week in Syracuse, NY with our friends at #CNYCentral! We know great things will be happening with the huge client list set up for meetings. 

The Axcess Group Shooting in Miami

Otis Conner and Karen Conner are working on a huge shoot in Miami this week with our friends at #WPLG. Shooting all over town, and you know it is a huge shoot with the boss comes! (and brings Otis)

The Axcess Group in Kentucky

Hello Louisville…The Axcess Group, including Otis Conner, Karen Conner, John Druien and Max Townsley are here working with our friends at #WAVE3-TV. We have a full week of great clients ready to increase their market awareness through great creative and advertising. 

The Axcess Group in Miami

Otis Conner, Karen Conner and Max Townsley are braving the hurricane and helping clients grow their business in Miami, with our partner #WPLG.

Where’s Otis?

Otis Conner and Karen Conner have landed in Columbia, SC to direct a film shoot for a local client…this is a big deal!

Otis Conner in Memphis

The Axcess Seminar HAS begun with our friends at #WMC-TV. Otis Conner has set up, with his lovely wife Karen Conner and the talented lungs of none other than Max Townsley. We join the management team of WMC-TV, Lee Meredith GM and Don Fisher, GSM, to help change the advertising lives of some of their local clients. Otis reminds us that when you sing a branding message, rather than speak it, research tells us it is 90 times more memorable!