The Otis Conner Blog
The Axcess Group Welcomes our Post-Newsweek Stations

Otis Conner and The Axcess Group team is excited to welcome our station friends from #WPLG Local 10 in Miami and #WKMG Local 6 from Orlando. Joining Otis, John Druien, Jett Blak and our full Axcess family are Miami managers Ramon Brayon and Belinda Tuckerman and Orlando managers Lou Supowitz and Steve Adams. Looking forward to amazing seminars in Florida this year!

Good Morning Orlando & WKMG!

The Axcess Group is ready to begin #Axcess Seminar training this morning for our great friends at @clickorlando. Excited to share our many new video production tools, along with everything we have to make our new advertisers the ability to have UNAIDED response when customers make the independent decision to use their product or service.

Florida Bound

Otis Conner and Karen Conner of The Axcess Group headed to Florida today to work with our friends at WKMG/Click Orlando for our Axcess training. We are excited to work with the Post-Newsweek team, and look forward to an amazing seminar!!